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"Schnauze" is the German word for "snout" or "muzzle". And that makes perfect sense to call these cute bearded guys "Schnauzers".
Schnauzer Facts

Schnauzers exhibit superior ability in smell, hearing and taste among the five senses. This is probably related to the fact that the Schnauzers were bred as rat catchers in the past.


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The Schnauzer Life Cyle


The Schnauzers are some of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. They are friendly to their human families and can socialize well with other dogs.

They have all the great features of most Terriers, and that means they are alert, enthusiastic, and robust, even for the Minis.

All three Schnauzers make good house pets because they seldom shed, and so are a good choice for people who are allergic to fur and hair.

How Long do They Live?
Schnauzer Life Cycle
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How Long do They Live?

Schnauzers generally live as long as 12-14 years of life.  The Miniature Schnauzer tends to live longer than its larger cousins. However, there are variable factors which can affect the expectancies of individual dogs.  Although it may sound boring to you, it is always true what truly matters is that your Schnauzer lives a happy healthy life. Stay with us and you will have more to discover. 

Schnauzer Life Cycle

Some female dogs become sexually mature as early as 6 months old, and some do so by the age of 18 months.  Typically most of them matures at the age of one, as do most male dogs do.  A mature female dog is called a bitch and an adult male dog, a dog or a stud if used or breeding.

So here’s a typical life cycle of an average Schnauzer:

A sexually mature female Schnauzer enters a period of receptivity, or what we call, goes into heat, twice a year each for a period of 10 days or so.  During this time, the female emits an odor that attracts males.

After a typical gestation period of 63 days, the female Schnauzer gives birth to a litter of Schnauzer puppies, i.e. whelps.  The average litter size for Schnauzers in general is 3-6 puppies, but sometimes can be as many as 8 or 9!

Schnauzer puppies are born with their eyes closed and do not open them until they are about 10 to 14 days old.  Puppies grow at an incredibly rapid rate and begin to wean at about six weeks old. By then, they have all their milk teeth.  When a Schnauzer puppy is about five months old, the full set of 42 permanent teeth will begin to erupt.  By the age of two, the typical Schnauzer usually reaches full growth and maturity.

As mentioned, the life span of each breed and dog is different, but on average, the Schnauzers can live more than 10 years of age, with an average of 12 – 14 years.  There are many signs to tell when a dog becomes old – the hair around its muzzle and cheeks turn white or gray; some of them slow down and reduce in activity level; many old dogs are also associated with conditions like arthritis, cataracts, hearing loss, kidney disorders, or cancer. Read more in our healthcare section for caring for your Schnauzer at different life stages, common health conditions and remedies. And later we will have a special edition covering cancer and complementary medicines for Schnauzers. Stay tuned...


Schnauzer Growth Cycle

Day -63 Conception
Day 0 Birth
Day 10 - 14 Puppy eyes open
Week 6 Weaning
  Milk teeth grown
Month 5 Permanent teeth erupt
Age 1 Sexually receptive
Age 2 Full grown and mature (varied according to breeds*)
Age 7 - 9 Entering middle age
Age 12 Entering old age

* Usually, Miniature Schnauzer, as the smallest breed of the family, matures earlier than their larger relatives:

  • Miniature Schnauzer: 6 - 12 months of age
  • Standard Schnauzer: 10 - 16 months of age
  • Giant Schnauzer: up to 24 months of age

The aging profile of dogs varies according to their adult size.  Generally, dogs of bigger size tend to age faster than the smaller size dogs. A Giant or Standard Schnauzer walks into middle age at 7, while middle age does not normally occur in a Miniature Schnauzer until the age of 9. As you see, the general belief that a human year is equivalent to 7 dog years is a not necessarily accurate, and the breed, the size and other factors all come into play.  


Schnauzer Breeds