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There are a variety of reasons causing constipation. Low-fiber diet is one. Dogs that are lack of exercise usually develop weaker abdominal muscles, leading to constipation. Sometimes, your dog may experience constipation occasionally, which can be relieved by natural remedies. But there are times, constipation may arise when more serious conditions are going inside, such as anal sac blockage, swollen prostate gland in male dogs or colon problems. In these cases, veterinarian attention is needed.


Your Schnauzer has no bowel movement in 48 hours; he may cry or strain when passing stools, and when he does have some "success", the stools are hard and dry.


Clinical Treatments

How it works?

If your Schnauzer has trouble passing stools for more than 2 days, or when he is so constipated that he starts vomiting, you should seek veterinarian care immediately. Laxatives may be prescribed to your Schnauzer by your vet, or other actions, such as enemas, maybe taken to ease the problem temporarily. More importantly, your vet will determine the underlying cause, and advise the appropriate therapy or dietary changes.

Diets and Supplements

When constipation is caused by the lack of fiber in your Schnauzer diet, you may have to increase dietary fiber in his diet. Adding psyllium supplement such as Integrative Therapeutics Blue Heron or other supplements with flaxseed to your pet's diet is effective in promoting bowel movement.

Adding between half and one teaspoon of olive or safflower oil to your Schnauzer's food can help him pass his stools more easily through the intestine when he is constipated.

Make sure your pet drinks enough water along with fiber intake, otherwise, they may be an adverse effect. Pumpkin has a rich content of fiber which can be given (lightly cooked, but unsweetened or unseasoned) to your Schnauzer occasionally or when he is constipated.

Natural Remedies

PetAlive Natural Moves to Prevent Constipation in Pets
Natural Moves
The natural ingredients of psyllium husk, green oats, red aloe and nat mur (D6) make PetAlive Natural Moves an effective and convenient herbal and homeopathic solution to constipation. The formula gives your Schnauzer regular, natural bowel movements by maintaining the bowel and digestive health. The use of green oats gives the product an added benefit of supporting a healthy thyroid system, useful in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, and also promoting skin and bone health.


The Standard and Giant Schnauzers are working dogs and their bodies are built to receive lots of exercise. The Miniature Schnauzer is also an energetic breed which loves to be busy. Giving your Schnauzer adequate exercise is as important as maintaining a balanced diet. Exercise can help your Schnauzer strengthen his abdominal muscles and promote his bowel movement, give him the benefit of smooth passing of stools. All three Schnauzer breeds love exercise.

Dogs respond to supplements and alternative treatments differently. Consult your vet before applying any of these remedies or making any dietary changes to your Schnauzer. Dogs known to have other medical conditions should only receive alternative treatments or supplements under the supervision of your vet. In any case, supplements should be introduced gradually and, preferably, only one new supplement at a time.



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